Romantic Evening Ideas to Spice up Your Life

Just because it's been a year or two or 10 years since your marriage, there is no reason to let the romance fizzle out. Keeping the romance alive is important to keep your relationship alive and interesting. One way to rekindle romance is to create romantic evenings. You can do it as a surprise for your partner or work together to create romantic evenings. It takes planning, time and effort to create romantic moments, but the results are worth it as you build precious memories to treasure.

A Romantic Dinner

Cook a dinner for your partner with all his favorite items on the menu, and surprise him when he returns home from work. For more fun and romance, indulge in joint cooking. Make it a special menu by featuring items you had on your first date or on your first restaurant dinner as a couple. Create the atmosphere by shutting off lights and lighting candles. And, if you burn your food, don't be disappointed; go to a favorite restaurant, and laugh off your culinary disaster over a sumptuous meal.

A Quiet Walk

You can share a lot in silence as you go walking hand in hand. A stroll with your partner is bit of old-fashioned romance that can help develop a strong bond. Have your dinner and set out to the nearby beach --- if there is one --- for a walk. Watch the waves and the people around you. Talk about your memories, your first date, any funny incident in your relationship or a gift from your partner that you really cherish. Choose a quiet spot to sit down for a few minutes. If the weather is playing spoilsport, get to your balcony or terrace and enjoy quiet moments.

A "Novel" Experience

If both of you are good readers, try this. Choose from your rack a romantic novel with heavy drama and intimate scenes. Read the novel to each other aloud with each of you taking turns with passages or chapters. You'll probably end up laughing, but you might get hot and steamy, too.


Do something that your partner likes but you don't. Wear a dress that you don't really like but he loves to see it on you, or surrender the TV remote to him while your favorite program is running. These may seem little things, but they can convey that you care for your partner and are willing to make sacrifices to put a little spice in your life.

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