Romantic Ideas for Women

It is important for couples to make time for romance.It is important for couples to make time for romance.

Romance can play an important part in relationships, but often our busy lives get in the way of such things. Whether your relationship is new, or you have been married for 20 years, it is important to make the time for romance. Remember, romantic gestures do not have to be huge elaborate or expensive, and sometimes the simplest gesture can be the most romantic.

A Day Off

Give your partner some

Many women today have to juggle children, career, and running a household, leaving very little "me" time. Consider giving your partner a day off. For example, arrange for the kids to go to a friend or relative's house for the day (or the weekend if you can manage it). Bring her breakfast in bed, buy her a book and some chocolate, run her a bubble bath with candles, cook her dinner and share a bottle of wine. This is a much less expensive and usually more practical option than whisking her away for the weekend.

Use Words

Leave romantic notes dotted around the house for her to find.

Maybe it is easier to write down how you feel about your partner than it is to explain it to her in a face-to-face discussion. Write your partner a love poem, or a list of 100 reasons why she is the greatest woman in the world. Wrap a ribbon around your writing and leave it on her pillow with a little chocolate next to it. Alternatively, write little notes and scatter them around the house in cupboards, by the kettle, in her favorite magazine and in the biscuit tin. Also consider mailing her a love letter or romantic card, or sending a romantic email.

Set the Scene

Scatter rose petals around the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere.

Turn your bedroom into a "boudoir" for a romantic evening or weekend. Cover every surface with lit candles, scatter rose petals on the floor around the bed, and place fresh roses on the bed itself. Set an ice bucket and champagne on the bedside table, leave a heart-shaped box of chocolates on her pillow, and play some romantic music in the background. Consider adding some tasty foods like strawberries, cream and chocolate sauce. If you want to spend a little more, buy her some sexy new silk nightwear or lingerie, or treat her to her favorite perfume.

Enjoy the Moonlight

Sit outside with your loved one under a moonlit sky.

Take your partner for a romantic stroll in the moonlight, or if you have a park or field nearby, then take a blanket and sit together under the stars. Or, bring blankets and pillows into your garden and lie back to watch the stars and share a bottle of wine, or enjoy some alfresco dining by moonlight and candlelight. Take the time to talk to her, and tell her that each star represents a reason why you love her (one for her smile, one for her sense of humor, and so on).

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