Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for Him

Feed your man his favorite fruit dipped in chocolate.Feed your man his favorite fruit dipped in chocolate.

As you get to know your boyfriend or husband, pay attention to the things that make him feel romanced. What you think represents romance may be far from what he thinks. Your idea of a romantic night might be a candlelit dinner at home, but for him, it might be a candlelit dinner at home while watching basketball. True romance doesn't require a lot of money to create a magic moment. A sincere gift, or act of kindness, usually goes further than an expensive one.

The Birthday Suit

If your man loves to see you in your birthday suit, put it on and wear it for him. Catch him off-guard when he's watching his favorite TV show or movie. Ask him if he'd like something from the fridge and then get it for him. Walk back into the room you came out of and see how long it takes him to feel the romance. If he doesn't follow suit, try a different approach. Walk back into the room and stand in between him and the TV. Get close to him, bend over and kiss him. Look into his eyes and say, "I love you". Walk back toward the bedroom and then turn, smile, and wink at him. A birthday suit and saying "I love you" don't cost a thing.


Aside from your relationship with him, know what he loves to do with his free time. Even if you don't enjoy his hobby with the same enthusiasm, learn as much about it as you can. Invite yourself to go with him, not to go along for the ride, but to experience the ride for yourself. You can only pull this one off with complete sincerity. If he senses that you sincerely and earnestly want to participate, watch and see how enthusiastically he shares his love and passion for his hobby with you. Nothing spells romance like a woman who is willing to get down and dirty with her man's hobbies.


If you don't know what he likes to eat, you might want to work on that. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Know what his favorite entrees and desserts are. Plan a meal to surprise him with his favorite appetizer, salad, entree, side dish, drink and dessert. Tell him that you're going to be taking him out to his favorite restaurant and then put on a chef's hat, an apron, high heels and nothing else. Keep the conversation light and spicy while you cook and then give him a shoulder rub while he eats. Tell him that dessert will be served in the bedroom.

Love Notes

A man love attention. With all of the communication tools available today, a romantic note can be shared in more ways than one. Write "I love you" notes and put them in the pockets of all of his clothes. Scent them with the perfume he likes best on you. Place one in his wallet, under his pillow, on his side of the bathroom mirror, his side-of-the-car sun visor, and anywhere else you can think of. Put a note somewhere everyday of your life with him. It doesn't matter if he doesn't find them right away, but when he does, he'll feel the love. Notes act like little sparks that combine to make a roaring romantic fire within a man's heart. Texting, love letters, emails and voice mail's will also add to this fire.

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