How to Find Free Romantic Love Letters to Copy From

A good source of romantic love letters to copy from, can definitely come in handy. You may have found a special person to whom you want to send love letters, but you may not be a regular Shakespeare. It can be hard to figure out how to put your feelings into a letter. Luckily, people have been having strong feelings of love for centuries and there are vast repositories of love letters that you can tap into to get ideas for your own love letters. This article will suggest ideas on how to find love letters that you can use for inspiration.

Go to a web site such as I've included the link in the Resources section below. This is one of several sites on the internet that offer a collection of love letters to browse through for free. By browsing these letters, you should be able to find some good ideas for letters of your own.

Ask your family. You'd be surprised what people hold on to. Your parents might be holding old love letters from some of your relatives that have passed away. These can be great sources of inspiration, because years ago, there were no Hallmarks or other mass greeting card companies, so people were forced to think about very personal ways to put their own thoughts into words. Also, you might find that your ancestors' words more closely resemble the feelings that you have.

Search the web on Google or Bing for phrases that combine the words "love letter" or "love poem" with some of your favorite things about your lover. This type of search is much more likely to return a set of more personalized ideas for love letters. Your searches will be phrases that look like these examples: "love letter beautiful hair" or "love letter blue eyes."

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