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Know what romance means to your spouse.Know what romance means to your spouse.

Jimmy Evans, speaker and author for the building of rewarding marriages, says there are three elements of marital romance: meeting an unspoken need or desire, speaking love in your spouses language and communicating a unique value to your spouse. That means the most effective romantic love tips have much to do with knowing your spouse and proactively pursuing them in ways they consider to be romantic.

Know Your Spouses Needs and Desires

Everyone needs love. In fact love can be considered a human's greatest need and desire. So think about what makes your spouse feel loved as a determining factor to pinpoint what they need and desire from you the most. How did you woo him when you were dating? What was it that made her choose you over other potential mates? When she was the happiest and most love-struck, what was it that you were doing? Use such information to inspire new romantic ideas that ignite the same emotional energy you had in the beginning—if it worked well enough to get their heart, continue doing so to keep it.

Learn Your Spouse's Love Language

What a husband considers romantic can be totally different from what a wife considers romantic. Therefore, doing things that you would want romantically might be very far from what your spouse actually wants romantically. In order to find out what it is that appeals to your spouse you must learn their love language. Gary Chapman, author of "The 5 Love Languages" says there are five languages of love including: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Learning which love language your spouse speaks ensures that your romancing them successfully.

Set Your Spouse Apart From All Others

You can send flowers and a card to anyone, so don't stop there if you really want to romance your spouse. Go the extra mile and do something that you wouldn't do for anyone else to give your spouse a sense of value that is unique. Both husbands and wives feel special when they're loved in extraordinary ways. The most romantic of gestures are those that reveal you've been paying attention to your spouse's specific needs and not just those that are general. In order to do so, the first and second sections are pivotal.

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