How to Be a Romantic Lover

Is Valentine's Day just around the corner and you are wondering what to do for the "love of your life"? Well here are a few creative yet inexpensive ideas to spice up the romance for you lover on Valentine's Day or any day of the year.

Make a personalized coupon or voucher book for your special someone. Write things such as "You are entitled to a Foot Massage" or "You are entitled to one Laundry-Free Day". Be as creative as you want to be.

Write sweet notes and place them all over the house. You can even put them in unexpected places for a sweet surprise such as in the refrigerator or in the car.

Give a sensual massage with scented oils or lotion. You can even put on some soft music and safely place candles around the room. A safer alternative to real candles are the wick less or flame less ones with LED lights.

Make a banner that says "I Love You (lover's name)" hanging outside. You can use different materials such as poster board, cardboard, paint and glitter. The poster board can be cut into individual letters. Take a single hole puncher and punch a hole on each upper corner of each letter. Then tie the letters together with string or yarn.

Create a scrapbook of memories together. Start out with pictures of when you first met your partner then continue wit more pictures throughout. You can also leave several page blank at the end and say that these pages are for the future memories together. This would be a great couples project to work on together. Decorate with stickers, ribbon, beads, buttons, or whatever you can think of.

Also the tradition flower petals on the bed or a candle lit dinner never go out of style. Be creative with your ideas and this will make for a very memorable and romantic day. Good luck!!

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Things You Will Need

  • candles
  • massage oils
  • champagne
  • paper and pen
  • decorating materials

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