Romantic Meaningful Gifts

Give your loved one romantic gifts.Give your loved one romantic gifts.

Romantic partners often look for ways to please or surprise each other, especially when it comes to gifts. Some couples love silly gifts, while others focus on practical ones. Romantic gifts aren't just simple heart-shaped boxes with candy in them; truly romantic gifts have a meaning original to the couple sharing them. There are many occasions for giving romantic gifts, including anniversaries and Valentine's Day, though some couples give them for no reason at all. The best romantic gifts have a handmade element that makes them special.

Keepsake Shoebox

This gift is perfect for couples that have been together for just a few months or for many years. It can be as large or as small as you like, depending on the size of the box. It is also very inexpensive and very customizable. All you need is a simple shoebox. It should be sturdy, without holes and free of dust. Decorate the outside of the box with paper, paint and markers, glue pictures to the outside, or simply write a touching message on the lid, leaving the shoebox intact. Inside the shoebox, add letters, movie ticket stubs, photos from special vacations and events, the remnants of airline tickets, a receipt from your first date and anything else that seems appropriate. Emailed love letters can be printed and tied together with ribbons.

Message Tokens

This gift works well for people that have trouble saying how they feel about their significant other; you can have the tokens do it for you. Though you can purchase love tokens, they are relatively easy to make yourself. Tokens require a starting base like poker chips. Spray paint hides the color and original purpose of the chips; metallic tones and pastel colors work best. The painted tokens can be personalized with tiny, circular photos of the couple on dates, vacation and even at their wedding. On the other side of each token, use letter stencils and paint to spell out messages like "I love you forever," "You're the one," and other phrases original to the couple. Make a few tokens that serve as coupons for massages and chore trade-offs. An elegant velvet or suede bag in a color that complements the tokens finishes the gift.

Love Garden

This gift takes some time and planning, but is worth it, especially if your significant other loves flowers. Start with a terra cotta pot of any shape or size, though long rectangular box pots work best. Plant some flowers special to your significant other in the pot. Write simple, meaningful messages on heart- and star-shaped pieces of paper, add pictures and laminate the paper. Sturdy wire curled into double loops at the top holds the messages in place. The gift is ready when the flowers in the pot begin to bloom.

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