Romantic Memento Gift Ideas

If you have an important anniversary coming up, you might want to get a personal gift for your significant other. Homemade gifts demonstrate thought and effort and might be more meaningful than something store-bought. Create a gift that represents your favorite memories together or an important adventure you shared.

Photo Album

Don't overlook the obvious. A photo album is simple, but can mean everything. These days, people often don't often bother to get hard copy prints of their digital images, and for that reason pictures are generally forgotten about on computer hard drives. Remind your significant other of all the good times you've had together by making prints of your favorite pictures. Use an online service to upload the images you want printed, or take your memory card to a pharmacy that offers digital printing. Buy an elegant photo album to present your pictures in and attach personal notes.

Photo Collage

You can also use some of your favorite photographs to make a collage. Make the collage poster-sized and have it framed, or you can keep it smaller and use it as a card. Find ticket stubs or receipts from special occasions you and your significant other have shared together and include these in your collage. Add personal notes in the spaces between the photographs or along the border.

Gifts That Recall Your Favorite Moments

Buy a particular gift that recalls the moment you met. The gift doesn't have to be large, but simply symbolic. If you met at a coffee shop, for example, buy a package of coffee beans. You can also make a CD with a compilation of songs representing important moments in your relationship. If you want to ease the seriousness or sentimentality of your gift, incorporate humor where possible. After all, laughter can be romantic.

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