Romantic Men's Gift Ideas

Your guy will be touched by any romantic gesture.Your guy will be touched by any romantic gesture.

Typically, it's the guys that are usually scrambling to find the most romantic gift for their significant others for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or other special event. Flip the script and think about getting him a romantic gift for a change? He may not admit it, but most likely he will love the fact that you are turning the romance around on him this time.

Sensual Gifts

Spice up your romance by giving your man sensual gifts that the two of you can enjoy later in the bedroom. For example, giving him a set of warming massage oil indicates that you'll be treating him to a sensual massage. A gift of sexy lingerie for you to wear for him is sure to put a smile on his face. To make him laugh, give him a pair of sexy red underwear that he would never wear. Other sensual gift items are love kits with naughty adult items, or a Kama Sutra book.

Sentimental gifts

Pluck his heartstrings with a gift that has special meaning to the two of you. One idea is a scrapbook filled with pictures of special moments in your relationship since you first met, or you can make a slide show that includes the pictures as well as any home videos you may have. Another idea is to take him out to where the two of you had your first date and relive the night. Write his name out vertically on stationary paper and fill in each letter of his name with reasons why you love him.

Destination Gifts

Surprise your man with a trip to an exotic and romantic location the two of you have never been. For example, you could check into a couples-only resort somewhere in the Caribbean and enjoy private romantic time alone. A trip to Napa Valley offers quiet romance among the endless miles of vineyards. If a big trip is not feasible, take him to the nearest city and pay for one of the hotel's best suites for the night. Romance him with chilled champagne, chocolates on a tray and candles everywhere. Select a place that has a hot tub for sure-fire romance.

Romantic Experience Gifts

Give your man the gift of an experience he has never tried before. Take him on a hot-air balloon ride and enjoy a glass of champagne while floating across the sky. Go to a spa that offers private couples massage and other couples treatments. Take him to a couples cooking class where you can learn to make sensual desserts such as chocolate-dipped strawberries or white chocolate truffles. If you live near a body of water, take a sailboat cruise and relax together while enjoying the views. If he's artistically inclined, take him to a pottery-making class and relive the pottery scene from the movie "Ghosts."

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