Romantic Movie Party Ideas

A romantic movie party entails screening one or more romantic movies with a group. They're easy to organize and require nothing more than DVDs or tapes of the movies you plan to watch and comfortable seating for your guests. Romantic movies work well when enjoyed with a group, allowing you to bond with your friends in front of an old classic or experience a hidden gem you may not have seen before. You can make the occasion even more memorable by planning a few extra embellishments for your romantic movie party.


Food for a romantic movie party can encompass the usual array of romance-based dishes: different varieties of chocolate, asparagus and red velvet cake. If you want to try something more complex, go with chocolate-dipped strawberries or make a heart-shaped pizza covered with your favorite toppings. You may also want to combine your foods with the movies you plan to watch. Use some of the recipes in "Like Water for Chocolate," for example; or, try the various dishes ordered in "When Harry Met Sally."


You can get people in the mood for a romance party by playing games based around the movies you're going to watch. The easiest is a romance-based trivia game, asking questions about popular romantic films. See how many people get the right answers. ("What was the name of the necklace in 'Titanic'?" is a fairly easy one; "What was boss's name in 'The Shop Around The Corner'?" may be much tougher.) Another movie party idea is a matching game, in which you present two lists--one of actors, one of actresses--and have your guests try to pair them, while naming the movie they appeared in. You can also draw up a list of famous romantic movie quotes, then have your guests try to name the films they come from.


If you're going to have games, it pays to have prizes on-hand, especially prizes which match the films for your romance party. Generic prize items can include things like scented soap or a box of chocolates. A romantic DVD works very well. If you're in a puckish mood, you can make it either a very bad romantic DVD or a satire of romantic films. sells "Mystery Science Theater"-style parodies of "Titanic" and similar fare. If you have a little extra money to spend, get a coupon for a day at the spa or a gift card for the local flower shop. As with the food, it works if you can tie prizes into the movies you're showing.

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