How to Plan a Romantic New Year's Eve

If you've got a date for New Year's Eve, whether it's a blind date, your new boyfriend or girlfriend, or your spouse, you can plan a romantic New Year's Eve together with just a little effort.

Decide on Something to Do

Make a list of ideas for things both of you would like to do together for New Year's Eve at least a week in advance.

Consider your budget. While you don't want to break the bank, it's wise to start saving so you can put some money aside specifically for your New Year's Eve date.

Choose an environment that lends itself to intimacy; remember, the goal is a romantic New Year's Eve. A big party with 50 other people and loud music might not offer the romantic atmosphere you're looking for.

Think of whether you'd like to spend time indoors or outdoors (or both).

Try a just-for-two, secluded New Year's Eve complete with a rented overnight cabin and an outdoor winter activity like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Pack along some cups and champagne and at midnight enjoy a little toast and smooch. Then retire to your cabin to continue your New Year's Eve in front of the fire.

Stay indoors instead, with a romantic candlelight dinner, a bottle of wine, a fireplace and a romantic movie.

Make the Arrangements

Make reservations if necessary, buy tickets, book seats or rental equipment or make other arrangements and preparations as necessary.

Arrange a meeting time and place.

Agree on a dress code.

Buy a gift for your loved one.

Execute the Plan

Get ready for your big New Year's Eve date. Freshen up and change into your attire for the evening. Pay special attention to how you look and smell.

Meet at your pre-arranged location. Greet your loved one with a kiss and the gift you picked out, and start enjoying your evening together.

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  • Keep it romantic but simple. If planning your romantic New Year's Eve is stressing you out, ease up.
  • Buy your New Year's Eve alcohol several days in advance. Liquor stores are too crowded on New Year's Eve and selection will be limited.

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