How to Have a Romantic Night On a Budget

Are you wanting to surprise your one and only but just don't have a lot of cash to wow her! Flowers are so over done and candy makes us women feel fat, so you know where that will get you later, no where! So, try this fat free recipe for a romantic night on a budget!

Clean out the tub, from top to bottom. This is all it takes for me to be really into my man, Ssh, he doesn't know that!

Run a bath with water at the temperature your lover likes! Sprinkle some bath salts, if you have them. They aren't too expensive at discount stores.

Put a radio in the bathroom, set it to your lover's favorite station or pop in a cd with their favorite music.

Place a wine glass on the edge of the tub with your lover's favorite drink. Yes, Mountain Dew is perfectly legal in a wine glass!

Place a wash cloth, soap and towel right by the tub.

After a few minutes go back in to the bathroom and start the hot water to get the temperature back up again and start washing your lover's hair. Work your way from head down to their toes.

After the bath, let your lover towel off and offer him/her a massage with lotion.

Remember if your lover doesn't feel comfortable with any part of this, move on and honor their wishes.

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Things You Will Need

  • bath
  • bath salts (Optional)
  • towel
  • wash cloth
  • radio
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • candles
  • wine glass
  • lover's favorite beverage (Mountain Dew for my man.)
  • lotion


  • If you have children, warn them not to go anywhere near that bathroom door, have them in bed before you start, or better yet send them to a relative or friends house for the night.


  • Don't get soap in your lover's eyes!

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