Romantic Night Ideas

Being romantic does not necessarily require much money or time, but it does require effort. These romantic ideas for your special evening can be put on by a man or woman. They are just a few of the many things you can do to make your guy or gal feel like that extra special someone.


A romantic dinner is always a good idea. Find out what kind of food and beverage the other person likes, and make or order his/her favorites. The atmosphere may also be something to consider. Find a nice quite location where you can be alone, and the two of you can engage in some conversation. If staying at home, candles and soft music will do the trick.

To the Fair!

Walking around a county or state fair may seem childish, but is actually very old-fashioned and romantic. Share your cotton candy or corn dog or that extra large slushie. Hold hands while walking through the fair. Choose rides where the two of you can be super-close like the Ferris wheel or a rollercoaster car.

To the Movies!

Find out what kind of movies your special person loves and take him/her to the movies. Buy the tickets, the popcorn, the sodas and the candy, and snuggle up close for a romantic night.

Picnic Under the Stars

Throw together a picnic basket, and find a great spot at a park or a beach at which to picnic. Pack foods you both love, feed each other yummy delicacies, and go for a moonlight walk. Laying on a blanket talking, just watching the stars or even watching the sunset together is a great way to make your other half feel loved and special.

The Beach

In the summer, grab your blanket and suits, pack a cooler, and head to the beach or the lake. Watch the sunset over the water. Feel the sand in your toes, and wrap your arms around that special someone in the water. Kiss under the moonlit sky.

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