Romantic Night Picnic Ideas

Turn a night time picnic into a romantic camp-out with an intimate partner.Turn a night time picnic into a romantic camp-out with an intimate partner.

A night picnic can be the ideal way to spend a romantic evening with that special someone. Brainstorm outdoor locations that are particularly tranquil or beautiful in your immediate area, and then select your site based on what you think your date will best enjoy, as well as what is most convenient.


Few things are more romantic than gazing up at a beautifully clear night sky, so find a location like a field or garden that is away from the sky-dulling lights of civilization. When scouting your location, you'll want to make sure you and your date won't be trespassing; find out if the site is a public space open after dark. Once you've determined the perfect spot to stargaze, brush up on your astronomy knowledge. Memorize a few of the more recognizable night sky fixtures like the constellations or especially bright stars, and then wow your date with your knowledge. Serve finger food that will not be difficult or messy to eat in the dark, as you'll want to avoid using lights that might inhibit your view.

Rooftop Picnic

If you live in a location that overlooks a city skyline or a brightly lit valley, consider taking your night picnic up a few notches by hosting it on a rooftop. If you haven't got access to a rooftop of your own, ask about renting out a local building's roof for the evening. Set up a table and chairs, and decorate the perimeter of the rooftop with paper lanterns or tiny tea lights for a whimsical, romantic effect. Bring along a speaker system to play some music to dance to, or simply admire the view from above.

Drive-In Movie

A drive-in movie can be an entertaining, no-pressure date idea for your night picnic if you're just getting to know the person. Investigate some local drive-in options and find out about upcoming movie screenings; choose a location, schedule and movie screening that best suit your date. Weather can be finicky, but try to select a night that seems like conditions will be favorable. Otherwise, prepare to make a mad dash for the car if it begins to pour. Pack movie theater snacks like classic candies, popcorn and soda pop for your picnic.

Beach Picnic

Let the sounds of the ocean do the talking for you on your romantic night picnic if you happen to live near a pretty beach. Before establishing a picnic location on the sand, try to determine how far the shoreline will have risen by the time you arrive for your date; you don't want to be eating sandy, soggy sandwiches to inspire a romantic mood. Prior to the date, ask permission to dig a pit large enough to start a small bonfire for roasting marshmallows or simply staying cozy during the date. Pack beach chairs to ensure your date's comfort, but plan to sit atop a large beach blanket to combine your seating and eating surface in one convenient item.

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