Romantic Outdoors Ideas

Romantic ideas for outdoorsRomantic ideas for outdoors

Romance comes in all forms, moods and locations, and this time you're in the mood for some heart-pumping, outdoor interaction. Perhaps you need some time away from the kids or in-laws, or maybe you just want to enjoy some serene moments outdoors with your significant other. Infuse romance into normal, everyday outdoor activities with a bit of forethought and only a small amount of effort, and reap the relationship rewards.

Pick Fruits and Vegetables

Find a you-pick-it local fruit or vegetable farm. Ask when they are open and make an appointment if required. Take a leisurely drive or hike to the farm and bring along bags or boxes to take your bounty home. See who picks the most in the least amount of time, or who finds the most unusually shaped produce. Alternatively, buy a herb or mushroom identification book. Go for a hike together and see what gems you discover. When you bring home the food, clean it and make a romantic meal together with the ingredients you so lovingly chose.

Tourist In Your Own Town

Visit the local tourism office and ask for a free walk, hike or bike map of the area. Some locations also offer themed maps, such as architectural sightseeing, museum or art walks, and haunted house or infamous locations. Choose a trip based on your physical abilities, time available and knowledge of the area. Visit a new locale, attraction or scenery with map in hand, making sure to hit all points of interest. Pack a picnic or stop off the beaten path for something to eat.

Watch the Sun Set

Review the area to determine the best place to watch the sun set with your partner. Rolling hills, lookout points, mountaintops and building roofs all work, as does your backyard or a local park. If possible, have a hammock ready or a warm blanket to cuddle with her. Bring finger foods to nibble on or feed each other, such as fruit, cheese and crackers. Music helps set the mood if it won't disturb others.

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