How to Be a Romantic Person

Showcase your romantic side.Showcase your romantic side.

Not everyone is a born romantic. It comes naturally to some, while others have to try for it. Being romantic is an effective way to show appreciation for your partner. If you simply feel awkward and unsure of how to be a romantic person, it probably is because you just do not know how to go about it properly. Learn how to make your significant other feel like the most important thing in the world to you.

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Do something she doesn't expect. When you're in a relationship, it can be easy to get caught up in the grind and forget about the little things. To show your romantic side, surprise your partner by taking her on a spontaneous weekend getaway to the mountains. Send her flowers when she is dealing with a particularly stressful week at work.

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Write him a love letter. Love letters might seem traditional and quaint, but that is entirely the point. Instead of sending him a quick and impersonal email, go the extra mile and pen him a heartfelt, long and sincere love letter. Send it to him in the mail, or, if you live together, leave it in the mailbox for him to see.

Step 3

Compliment her. When you are in a comfortable relationship, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of a routine and forget about maintaining the other person's feelings. This can result in both parties feeling unappreciated and unwanted. Tell your partner that she is beautiful. Give her a genuine and honest compliment that comes straight from your heart.

Step 4

Look good for your partner. Even if you are used to seeing your partner in sweat pants after a tough day at work (and vice versa), it still can mean a lot if you take some time to look good for each other. Dress up for your boyfriend. Ask him what kind of outfits he likes to see you in.

Step 5

Call her "just because." One easy and simple way to be romantic is by calling or writing your girlfriend just to tell her that you are thinking of her and to say "I love you." A quick text message or email that states that you love her can go a long way on your quest for romance.

Step 6

Express interest in his life. A relationship is a team situation. It is not only about you. To be a truly romantic person, convey to your partner that you are interested in his life outside of the relationship. Find out what his deepest goals and dreams are, and support him in his journey of pursuing them.

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