Romantic Photo Gifts

You can celebrate your romance by framing a special photograph.You can celebrate your romance by framing a special photograph.

If you and your partner are romantic and take a lot of photographs, you can celebrate your love by using a few of these photos to create beautiful, handmade gifts. Once finished, you can give your romantic photo gifts your your loved one to show him how much you love him.

Photo Collage

You can turn cute snapshots of you and your loved one into a beautiful photo collage, which you can frame and give as a gift. Select photos that capture affectionate exchanges between the two of you. Cut around yourself and your mate. Apply glue to the back of the cut-outs, and paste the cuts-outs onto a sheet of card stock. Arrange the photo cut-outs so that they overlap. Allow the collage to dry before framing it.

Photograph Book

Collect your romantic photographs into a photograph book, which can either be soft or hard bound. There are many printing companies and online merchants that can print out your photograph book on demand at a reasonable rate. Making a photograph book can be a romantic tradition that you can share with your significant other.

Photograph Cake

If you are celebrating an anniversary or special event with your loved one, you can have a special romantic photograph printed onto a cake. Bakeries can print this photograph onto rice paper using edible dyes and then place them onto the cake. Try to select a photograph, or multiple photographs, that display you and your partner in a romantic light. Arrange the rice-paper pictures in the center of the cake, and decorate around it with icing flowers.

Photograph Pillow

You can have a photograph printed onto fabric at any silk screen company, which you can sew into a throw pillow. A photograph pillow can make the perfect anniversary gift. Choose a photograph from your wedding day or a particularly meaningful and romantic moment that you want to have memorialized onto a throw pillow.

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