Most Romantic Places to Get Married in the Czech Republic

Saying that a destination is the most romantic site for a marriage is a near impossibility. People have different views of what is romantic; however, the Czech Republic offers a plethora of romantic wedding locales. With cathedrals well over 300 years old, rolling hills and valleys, and the city of Prague, the Czech Republic has romantic locations for marriage.

Castles and Chateaus

Marriage in historic castles is a popular and romantic idea for many couples. The Czech Republic has many castles and chateaus that are available for weddings and receptions. considers Karlstejn Castle to be the greatest castle for marriages and receptions. The castle was constructed in 1348; it is accented with cathedrals, expansive halls and majestic watch towers. Perched on top of green hills, the castle is a national landmark of the Czech Republic. Dobris is a chateau in the center of the country that's built in the French Rococo style. The chateau of Voltice is another Czech landmark popular for weddings. Replete with gardens, countryside views and a hotel for extra guests, the Voltice has hosted many weddings (see Resources).

Prague Hotel Locations

Prague is one of Europe's most unique and popular cities. Prague boasts vast history, unique architecture and is located in the center of the Czech Republic. A popular trend in Prague is to get married at one of its luxury hotels, then spend several days touring the city and nearby countryside. The Four Seasons Prague offers ballrooms for receptions, locations for wedding ceremonies, on-site wedding specialists and honeymoon suites. The Hilton Prague is another four-star hotel that specializes in wedding hosting. The hotel offers several rooms to host receptions, a staff that specializes in weddings, a kitchen staff ready to prepare meals, and a staff wedding planner is awaiting to help make your wedding the romantic fantasy of your dreams. The hotel overlooks the Vlatava River and the romantic architecture of downtown Prague. Both of these world-class hotels offer some of the most romantic locales for a wedding. For an extended list of four-star wedding hotels, please see Resources below.

Important Information

In order for an American couple to marry in some of Prague's most romantic locales, special information and documentation needed. You must first obtain a valid passport, official birth certificate and documentation confirming your legal presence in the Czech Republic. An attestation must be provided in order to complete a wedding in the Czech Republic. The attestation includes documentation revealing surnames, birthplaces and dates of birth. Divorced people must bring a legally binding divorce certificate, and widows or widowers must bring a death certificate of the deceased partner.

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