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Getting ready for the all-important prom begins with extending an awesome invitation.Getting ready for the all-important prom begins with extending an awesome invitation.

Prom season is for making memories, but the experience doesn't start with the dance. It begins with the invitation, which is why many teens seek romantic ways to ask someone to share this important night. Romantic invitations can be simply and sweetly irresistible, or so cleverly outrageous that the intended can't help but say yes.

Clever Romance

Replace the fortune in a fortune cookie with one that says, "You will have a wonderful time if you go to the prom with me," or fill a small fish bowl with Goldfish crackers and a note reading, "Of all the fish in the sea, you're the one I want to go to prom with." If your intended has a swimming pool, consider sending her an invite through a floating message in a bottle. If he drives, you might place the invite on the windshield, disguised as a parking ticket that promises you'll pay for prom tickets if he accompanies you.

Adventurous Romance

Present her with a pirate's hat and a treasure map that leads her on a trail lined with trinkets, until she reaches a small chest that contains the invitation. Write the invite on a large fake jewel, which can be purchased in any craft store. You could also send him on a chocolate expedition by having him follow a winding path of Hershey Kisses that ends with a note reading, "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to prom with me?"

Mysterious Romance

Using a washable marker, write the names of random boys on the back of a white T-shirt, then add your own name in permanent marker. On the front of the shirt write, "Who wants to take you to the prom?" Have the shirt delivered with instructions to wash it to find out who wants to be her escort. Only your name will remain after the shirt goes through the washer! You can also write your name on a puzzle, break up the pieces and have the puzzle box delivered with instructions to put it together to reveal who is extending an invitation to the prom.

Crazy Romance

Sprawl in her driveway and have friends outline your body in chalk. Beside the outline write, "I'll die if you don't go to prom with me!" If your friends are willing, have them show up on your date's front porch and present a singing telegram, with lyrics like "Roses are red/violets are blue/(your name) needs a prom date/and wants it to be you."

Bold Romance

Best for those who are confident of getting a "yes," placing an ad in the school newspaper or having your invite offered during the morning announcements is an unforgettable approach, if you don't mind one that is widely public. Writing your invite across the windshield of his car or attaching a balloon bouquet to her locker are other choices for the brave at heart.

Old-Fashioned Romance

Some methods have been used for years, including the sweetly romantic presentation of an actual prom corsage, pinned with a note asking, "Would this match your dress if you went to prom with me?" For those likely to be touched by a "less is more" approach, consider waiting by his locker to present a single flower and extend a heartfelt, "Will you go to the prom with me?"


All invites take a little preplanning, but others may require the permission and assistance of parents. It might also be necessary to recruit friends, teachers, waiters and others to help set the scene for your invite and make sure the presentation goes smoothly.

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