Romantic Prom Themes

Make every guest feel like royalty with a romantic fairy tale-themed prom.Make every guest feel like royalty with a romantic fairy tale-themed prom.

With fancy dresses, elegant dinners and slow dances, prom is a romantic occasion. Help set the mood at your prom with a romantic theme. Fairy tales, Paris, stars and roses will all create a dreamy affair, and can be highlighted through the event's decorations, centerpieces, linens and other one-of-a-kind details.

Under the Stars

The stars provide beauty, mystery and allure -- all of which can create a romantic theme for your school's prom. Create a night under the stars with twinkle strand lights strung over the dance floor and dining area. Continue the theme with star-shaped centerpieces and sparkling confetti. If the venue has a balcony or garden, set up a telescope where couples can gaze up at the real stars in between dances.


Many consider Paris to be the romance capital of the world, so harness its energy by creating a Parisian prom. Many online retailers sell large Eiffel Towers that can be used as a decoration, or invite students to get involved and make your own. Drape fabrics all around the room, including across the ceiling and tables. Twinkle lights, indoor fountains and cafe-inspired chairs and benches can add to the Paris theme too.

Fairy Tale

Make every guest at prom feel like royalty with a fairy tale theme. Focus on a certain fairy tale, such as Cinderella, that you can bring to life with pumpkins and glass slipper decorations. You might also create a more general fairy tale focus by creating a castle and enchanted trees. Drape garland and tulle around the room, and add glitz to each table with plastic gems and colored glass stones. Consider renting a horse and carriage to escort couples on a romantic ride around the venue.


Roses are a symbol of love, so use this flower as a romantic prom theme for your school. Start by creating tall and lush centerpieces with long stem roses in vases or rose-lined topiaries. Table decorations should compliment this color theme with black and white linens. Create a romantic entryway into the dance using sprinkled rose petals to guide the way. Green ivy will complement the red rose theme, so string this garland around archways and the stage.

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