Romantic Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A romantic scavenger hunt is a game that a dating or married couple can do together. To play, one person hides successive clues in a room or outdoor area. The other person follows the series of hints to discover a sentimental or sexy surprise at the end of the hunt. To make a scavenger hunt more romantic, incorporate poems, songs or love notes into each clue.

Our Songs

This scavenger hunt is especially appropriate for music-loving couples who have special songs to represent different times in their relationship. Select six to eight different songs that have sentimental value to both of you. For example, you might select the song that was playing the first time you danced together, the tune that calmed your wife’s nerves while she was in labor with your first baby or the first lullaby you sang to your child. Make up a hint or rhyme describing how to find each song lyric, then hide the lyrics and hints around your backyard. Have her follow the hints to find the lyrics. The last hint should lead to a picnic meal set up in a secluded corner of your yard, where she will also find a nice scrapbook to hold her collection of song lyrics and a compact disc with recordings of all the songs. You can also play the CD while you enjoy the picnic.

An Unraveling Experience

Tie a small gift to the end of a skein of yarn, then hide the gift inside a drawer. Shut the drawer and begin unraveling the skein while you travel around the room or house. To make the hunt challenging, tuck a section of the yarn in unusual places like under the leg of a bed, around a chair or inside a linen closet. Tie the other end of the skein to a door. When your sweetheart arrives, instruct him to follow the yarn path to find his special surprise.

Floral Hunt

This hunt is an creative way to propose marriage to a girlfriend. Hold the hunt in a botanical garden or arboretum with a hedge or shrub maze, if possible. Otherwise, use a garden with many flowering plants. You will also need five or six different flowers and handwritten notes to go with each one. Ask five or six friends to help you. Stage your friends throughout the maze or garden, each one holding a different flower and a note. Each flower should symbolize your feelings for your sweetheart. Teleflora suggests giving a sweet pea stem to represent blissful pleasure or a red carnation to signify your deep love. Include a note explaining each flower’s significance. Ask your friends to snap a photo of her with each flower before suggesting how to find the next flower. Use the last flower as a hint of your upcoming proposal. For example, you could give her a peony, which is the Chinese symbol for a happy marriage.

She finally meets you in a picturesque area of the garden, where you give her a vase to hold the flowers. If possible, have the vase engraved with the date and a sentimental message. Have a friend covertly take a photo while you propose to her. After she says “yes,” your friends can appear with champagne and glasses. Collect the notes and photos and include them with the flowers (that you have pressed) in a scrapbook which you can present to her on your wedding day.

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