Romantic Ways to Set Up a Bedroom Scene

Turning your bedroom into a romantic haven doesn't mean you have to pay an interior designer top dollar. You can find all the items you need to make your bedroom sensual at affordable prices, with materials at your local superstore or department store. From bedding to decorative accessories, you can pull inspiration from design magazines, interior design shows, or even pictures you find on the Internet. Start by clearing the clutter, add a little bit of imagination and unleash the experience of all five senses in your bedroom.

Bedding and Furniture

The first thing you notice when you enter a bedroom is the bedding and the furniture. To create a romantic bedroom scene, work with your existing furniture to save money, but pay special attention to your bedding. Colors that evoke a sense of passion and romance are white, gold, ivory, red, soft pinks and blues, lilac and even a sleek blend of gray and black with colorful accents. Neutral, warm and cool tones can all be effective color choices.

Luxuriate in silky or satin bedding, or opt for sheets with a high thread count. They provide comfort and warmth for romantic days and nights.


Good lighting is a key element to any romantic bedroom scene. Bright lights don't evoke the same feeling as soft, dim lights. Achieve dim lighting by purchasing specialty lamps or simply have an electrician install a dimmer to your bedroom lighting system. Or save money by turning the lights off and illuminate the room with soft candle light.


Aromatherapy studies show that people are affected and react to different scents. Scents like vanilla, lavender and musk can help create a romantic bedroom scene. Purchase scented candles or essential oils paired with diffusers. Be sure to pick scents that are soft and inviting; harsh scents will interrupt the romantic theme you're trying to achieve.

Rose Petals

Sprinkle the bed and floor with soft rose petals. Get them fresh at your local florist, supermarket or superstore. Besides adding visual décor, fresh rose petals will provide a natural, romantic scent for your room. If you prefer to just enjoy the visual appeal of rose petals, you can also purchase artificial petals online or at your local craft store in a variety of colors.


Nothing says romance like tranquil music softly playing. Pick up a couple of compact discs with sensual Latin tunes, jazz or classical music. You could even opt for a compact disc filled with love songs or gentle nature sounds. Soft sounds are sure to subtly add to your romantic bedroom scene.

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