Romantic Sitting Area Ideas for a Bedroom

Use inventive methods for creating a romantic sitting area in a bedroom.Use inventive methods for creating a romantic sitting area in a bedroom.

Red accents and roses may come to mind when you think of how to create a romantic sitting area in a bedroom. However, there are other techniques you can use. Get creative, and make a comfortable, personalized space where you and your significant other can snuggle and enjoy each other’s company.


Paint a mural on the wall of the sitting area that represents the two of you as a couple. One creative method is to incorporate a hobby or pastime you and your significant other enjoy. If you are into music and he likes to garden, paint musical notes growing out of flowers. If you love to read and she likes to go on long hikes, paint a mountain hiking path with books on the trees.


Use functional furniture in the sitting area that also fits the romantic theme. For example, a couch, though big enough for two, may be too large for some bedrooms. Also, a set of stools provides seating for two and is not too large but is not conducive to cuddling. A chaise lounge, loveseat or large comfy reclining chair works well. Add a small accent table to hold a couple of glasses of wine or your favorite poetry book. Or, add a small vase with a single rose for a romantic touch.


A vase of flowers on the table not only is romantic, but it also adds beauty to the whole bedroom. You can use whatever flowers are your significant other’s favorite, whether real or fake. Additionally, flowers can be used to convey specific messages. To tell your wife how pretty you think she is, fill the vase with calla lilies, which represent beauty. An older couple can use cattleya orchids, which signify mature charm.


Color is another way to incorporate romance into the sitting area. Red, the color of love, is an obvious choice, but other colors have appropriate meanings, as well. Orange means vitality and endurance, yellow means happiness and joy, green means fertility and life and blue means truth and peace. Use these colors in the mural or flower bouquet, or just paint them on the wall or the accent table. Also, use them in a rug or in accent pillows or slipcovers on the furniture.

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