Romantic Text Message Ideas

Sending a sweet text is a romantic way to say "Good morning" when you're apart.Sending a sweet text is a romantic way to say "Good morning" when you're apart.

If you’re looking for new ways to make a romantic statement, all you need is your cell phone and a few sweet sentiments. A romantic text message takes your love into the digital age and gives you the opportunity to share your feelings instantly. Best of all, text messaging is inexpensive -- or even free -- when you have an unlimited monthly plan.

Night and Day

If you can’t be snuggled up in bed with your partner, let her know you’re missing her. No matter what you say, it’s always romantic to send sweet text messages first thing in the morning or right before bedtime. Try a simple “Good morning, honey” or “I’ll be thinking of you all day.” In the evening, “Sweet dreams” will have her drifting off to sleep with you in mind.


Whenever you’re counting the minutes until you can hold him in your arms, it’s the perfect time for some romantic texting. If you’re anticipating your next date, send a quick “I can’t wait to see you.” If you’ll be separated for an extended period of time, start a countdown and text periodic updates that show the exact number of days, hours and minutes until you’re reunited.

Don’t Speak

If you’re finding it difficult to draft your own mushy message, snag a quote from a romantic movie that got her misty-eyed or steal some lyrics from a ballad that’s destined to become your song. Poetry also has a way of melting the heart, so select a short stanza that expresses your feelings and send it to her inbox. While the occasional quote might say it better than you can, send something more personal to follow it up. “This always makes me think of you” is all it takes to make your message more thoughtful.

More Than Words

Sometimes, there just aren’t words to describe the way you feel when you’re in love. A simple message consisting only of symbols is still romantic and easy to send when you’re on the go. Key in “XOXO” or “;)” as a flirty emoticon wink. Send some sideways hearts by typing “<3” or flank one heart with “i” and “u.”

Bye-bye, Love

Even the best romantic ideas can backfire if you take them too far. Your love will blush at getting occasional sweet messages through SMS but might not feel so flattered if you clog his inbox with cloying texts. Romance shouldn’t be predictable or border on stalking; keep your digital missives to a minimum. Sending your sweetheart a slightly naughty text message telling him you can’t stop thinking about his touch might be tantalizing, but it’s best to leave it at that. Vulgar “sexting” and risque photo attachments aren’t exactly romantic, and there’s no telling where they could end up.

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