Romantic Theme Ideas

Often considered the most romantic city in the world, Paris makes a good event theme.Often considered the most romantic city in the world, Paris makes a good event theme.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a high school dance, holiday or another special event, romantic themes can make your gathering special for couples or anyone wanting to experience a little romance. Romantic themes can be serious, minimalist or full of humor and pomp. Consider the type of mood you want to create and use that to inspire the theme you choose for event.

Valentine's Day

Even though it's celebrated on February 14th, you can borrow inspiration from the holiday when planning your own romantic event on any day of the year. Decorate with red and pink hearts and white cupid cut-outs. Use doilies to write your invitations on, or use them as place mats for a special romantic dinner. Wrap chairs in wide, red ribbon bows and drape red, white and pink crepe paper across the ceiling. Set out a dessert table with chocolate-covered strawberries, heart-shaped truffles and cookies, and champagne.

Famous Couples Throughout Time

Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Antony, and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are historic couples who have stood the test of time. If you are planning a party or dance, set the theme as "Famous Couples Throughout Time" and encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite couple. Set aside one to two minutes each for the couples to tell their story to the rest of the guests. Give prizes for the best costume, the most unique couple, the most obscure couple and the best love story.

The Romantics

Draw from the Romantics for poetic inspiration for your event. Wordsworth, Blake, Lord Byron, Shelley and Keats were some of the most famous Romantic poets, so print out your favorite poems by these writers to use in event invitations, menus or place settings, or on posters to decorate walls. Since appreciation for the natural world is one defining factor of Romanticism, decorate with understated floral treatments, such as orange or apple blossoms, wildflowers and manzanita or willow branches.

Romance Around the World

Take your date or guests on a trip to an exotic location without leaving your hometown. Consider using one of the most romantic cities or locations around the world to inspire your event. Try Paris in springtime, with tulips and posters of the city as decorations, a classic French steak frites dinner and French music playing in the background. Or channel Buenos Aires with an evening of asado, Argentinian barbecue, dulce de leche cookies and tango dancing to a live band. Decorate with brightly colored silk pillows and lounge with your lover, eating dates and orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for a Moroccan-themed evening.

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