Romantic Things to Do for a Man

Romantic Things to Do for a ManRomantic Things to Do for a Man

When it comes to dating, there are many romantic things to do for a man that women never even consider. Put some romance back into the dating scene by using these tips.


Love notes are always appreciated by both men and women. Even something as simple as a love note written on a small card and put inside a man's wallet can be a romantic way to connect. Greeting cards are nice, but something handwritten is usually much more effective. Men especially appreciate notes that are warm and sexy.


Romance doesn't just have to come in the form of a love note or sexy letter. It is true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. One way to show a man a romantic evening is to cook a nice candlelit dinner for him, complete with wine or champagne. Cooking a man's favorite meal and wearing a sexy dress to dinner is definitely high on the romance scale.

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Surprise him by spicing things up in the bedroom. Order some romantic toys for sexual play from the Internet or pay a visit to your local sex shop. He will be delighted that you took the initiative to try something new. Dressing up for him in the bedroom is a sensual way to reconnect romantically.


Taking a man to one of his favorite events, such as a football or baseball game, can be incredibly romantic. If you surprise him with tickets to a ball game and then go with him to the event, it will be a fun and memorable date. If he's not into sports, surprise him with concert tickets to see his favorite band. These are the kind of memories that can hold a relationship together.


For exceptional romance, treat a man to a massage. You can even order an instructional video to help you learn some new moves. You can also purchase a gift certificate for him to go to a local retreat or spa. There are plenty of spas that offer couple's massages where you can both receive a massage in the same room. These are a wonderful ways to put some romance back into your relationship.

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