Romantic Travel Spots

Taking a romantic vacation rekindles loving feelings and pampers your relationship.Taking a romantic vacation rekindles loving feelings and pampers your relationship.

Whether you're a newlywed, celebrating your anniversary or simply enjoying a vacation with a new love interest, taking a romantic vacation is exciting for couples. Knowing about some of the different romantic vacation destinations and travel spots allows you to choose a place that both you and your significant other will enjoy.

Paris, France

Take in a view of Paris with your significant other.

The city of romance and love, Paris features an unyielding display of beauty for traveling lovers. It's the capital city of France and also the largest city in the country. The climate is mild and moist, making it ideal for enjoying a riverside walk along the lush flora of the area. It's also an excellent place to take advantage of a picnic with your romantic interest. The Eiffel Tower is popular for couples who want to enjoy a romantic Paris wedding.

A peculiar yet surprisingly romantic attraction in Paris is the Tour Montparnasse. Once voted the second-ugliest building in the world by Virtual Tourist and Reuters, this towering building features a platform for dining, relaxing and viewing the entire city of love from the towering skyscraper-like building. Although it looks modest, and a little out of place in Paris's town center, romantic travelers find the view from its platforms breathtaking. The building isn't hard to find either, because it's the largest skyscraper in Europe.

Fiji Islands

The Fiji islands provide travelers with romantic views of a tropical paradise.

Located about 1,200 miles from New Zealand's northernmost point, the Fiji islands are lush, tropical and perhaps among the most romantic places a couple could visit. Their economy is sound, with tourism and sugar exports being the top industries. Fiji includes several islands and islets, making it a tropical paradise worth exploring with your partner. Some parts of the island are sparsely inhabited, while others are booming with culture, activity and festivities.

One romantic place to visit on the island chain is the Beqa Lagoon Resort. This quaint island resort is meant to be enjoyed by couples who like to be active and get involved with the island culture during their visit. It is also a wonderful place to take up scuba diving and snorkeling. Couples can lounge in private cabanas or can participate in the local festivals, which include coal-walking, drinking refreshments made of kava kava and listening to island music played by natives.

Mendocino County, California

The Redwood Forest is beautiful and romantic.

Mendocino County, California, is right in the center of the Redwood Forest, which is a natural wonder to behold. It's also accessible to majestic Highway 1 on California's coastline. A vacation to Mendocino County is especially romantic when it begins as an intimate road trip up the scenic coast. This allows couples to take in the various sights that California has to offer, such as small coastal towns and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Most Mendocino County towns are small, but these quaint villages are ideal for couples who want a serene, quiet and romantic getaway.

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