Romantic Traveling Gifts

A GPS will ensure that your sweetie finds her way back to you.A GPS will ensure that your sweetie finds her way back to you.

Travel can have an aura of mystery and adventure that makes even the most mundane trips exciting. This also makes traveling a perfect occasion to bestow a romantic gift on the traveler. You don't have to restrict romance to honeymoons and stolen weekends; you can add some spice to even the most mundane business trips by giving a gift that shows how much you adore the recipient.

Portable Stemware

The true romantic is always ready to make a toast, so be ready wherever your travels take you with a pair of travel wine glasses. Choose stemware made from BPA-free plastic, so it will withstand being bounced around in a suitcase. Find a set in which the stems can be unscrewed from the glasses to make them easier to pack. To make the gift even more romantic, include a well-padded bottle of wine. Wrap it yourself or buy a reusable padded bottle carrier -- these are made to protect wine or champagne bottles from travel damage and to prevent the spirits from leaking into your suitcase if the bottle does break.

Love Songs

Give your sweetheart an MP3 player containing a romantic mix of love songs, old and new. Find an MP3 player with a voice-recording feature, so you can personalize the mix with a few heartfelt messages of love in your own voice. Include a Y-adapter and two sets of headphones if you're both traveling, so you can hear beautiful music together.

Touchscreen Gloves

These are a particularly welcome gift for any Smart Phone enthusiast traveling to a cold climate. Touchscreen gloves are made with special pads on the tips of the gloves' index fingers and thumbs that allow the wearer to interact with his cell phone, PDA or other touchscreen device without taking off his gloves. A gift of touchscreen gloves will enable you to receive more smiling pictures and love-note texts from the road.

Global Positioning System

A global positioning system (GPS) unit is the ultimate tool for a traveler with a sense of romantic adventure. These small units can be programmed with maps and street directions for just about any part of the world, and they're great for travelers who like to explore on their own. GPSs are available as hand-held or dashboard mount units. Get a GPS that "talks," so a driver won't have to take her eyes off the road and look for a "recalculating" feature that will help the GPS get her back on track if she takes a wrong turn or decides to take a different route. Before you give the gift, program your address into the GPS -- this will assure that your sweetie will always find her way back to you.

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