Romantic Valentine Banquet Decorating Ideas

Romantic Valentine Banquet Decorating IdeasRomantic Valentine Banquet Decorating Ideas

Valentine's Day commemorates romantic love. Those lucky enough to be in love on Valentine's Day might find themselves at a romantic banquet. If you are thinking about hosting a Valentine's dinner, there are some decoration ideas you can use.

Red Carpet

Announce the arrivals of each couple and have them walk down a red carpet to their table. Have a professional deejay or speaker announce the couples.


Top banquet tables with traditional and beautiful live red roses. Put one or two in a bud vase or stand a dozen in the table's center in red, pink or peach.


Add a touch of romance to banquet tables by adding ruby red candles. Place them on crystal pillars of varying heights or use tapered candles.


Satisfy a sweet tooth by placing a tray of delicate chocolate on each banquet table. Place chocolate pieces on pink or red tissue paper covering glass trays.


Place heart-shaped glass pieces among each table along the center around surrounding centerpieces.


The food itself can be romantic. Items that are traditionally romantic such as chocolate covered strawberries and aphrodisiac foods like oysters would be nice touches.

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