Romantic Valentine Card Ideas

Make a handmade card for a special romantic touch.Make a handmade card for a special romantic touch.

Valentine's Cards show your lover you care about him, but there are extra things you can do to make it even more romantic. Even if you aren't too creative or are short on time, you can still do things like spray a bit of your perfume in the card or accompany the card with some flowers. Whatever you do, writing something heartfelt is what will make it really romantic.

Multiple Cards

Give your Valentine multiple cards leading up to Valentine's Day. Cards come in all shapes and sizes and some even sing, which gives you lots of options. The first day you can send something small and work your way up to a big, heartfelt romantic card. One idea for this last card is to get her one that allows you to record something. This way you can record your voice telling her how special she is and how much you love her.

Hand Drawn

If you are artistic, draw or paint a card for your Valentine. Draw a picture of the two of you in a place you like to frequent. Or draw a picture of the two of you in the future and write a message about growing old together. You can make a painting and then write your romantic message on the back. This over-sized card is something he can keep forever. When it is hanging on the wall only he will know the special things said behind the painting.

Mail Your Card

A romantic Valentine's trick you can play on your lover is to mail your Valentine's Day card. When your Valentine gives you hers, act like you forgot. If she seems a bit down, go out and bring in the mail. When you come back in yours will have arrived and she will see the trick you have played. This has to be timed well, so you may want to slip the card in the box yourself to ensure it arrives on time.


Send your Valentine a card that has a clue on it. That clue will lead to others that each say something you love about him as well as tell him where to find his next card. At the end of this romantic Valentine's Day card hunt, he will find you with your present to him along with a final heartfelt card.


While telegrams aren't as common as they used to be, people still send them. This is a creative and romantic way to wish someone a happy Valentine's Day. Send a telegram to your lover when she is at work, or another place around people so that everyone can hear how much you love her. If you can find a service that does singing telegrams, this is even more romantic.

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