The Most Romantic Valentine Gifts

A Valentine gift can make your sweetheart melt, especially if the gift expresses your thoughtfulness
The perfect Valentine gift is out there somewhere just waiting to be found.The perfect Valentine gift is out there somewhere just waiting to be found.
Valentine's Day gifts test your creativity, and coming up with a unique and romantic present challenges most everyone. Finding the perfect gift just takes a little reflective planning.

Weekend Get-Away

Plan a weekend get-away and make her fall in love with you all over again. Pick a quiet romantic spot where you can spend time alone together. Life gets hectic, and a trip -- no matter how near or far the destination -- is a welcome break. Whatever destination you choose, plan a surprise or two for your Valentine. Plan to have chilled champagne and strawberries delivered to your hotel room upon arrival or reserve a special table in a romantic restaurant. Wherever you take your sweetheart, expect to create life-long memories.

Personalized Jewelry

Give your Valentine a piece of jewelry with a personal touch. Purchase a ring, necklace or bracelet -- any price range will do -- and have the jewelry engraved. Depending on the size of the jewelry, have a few words, letters or even symbols engraved somewhere on the piece of jewelry. Your initials, a special date or a sentimental word turns even a simple piece of jewelry into a keepsake.


Send flowers to her work. Roses tend to be cliche, so choose her favorite flower and have a bouquet sent to her. She will be thrilled at the thoughtful surprise. Not only can she show off the beautiful flowers to her co-workers, she can also show off what a catch she landed. Don't forget a short-but-sweet note.

Homemade Card

A romantic Valentine gift does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Make a homemade Valentine card and watch your sweetheart melt. Store-bought Valentine's Day cards can seem all but meaningless, but a card made from the heart shows your charm and love for your Valentine. Write a sweet, heart-felt note specifically telling your significant other why you love her. Include a small sentimental token as an extra touch, such as a long forgotten picture.

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