Romantic Valentine Gifts for Her

Choosing the right Valentine's Day gift for your significant other can be one of the most difficult gift-giving choices you make in your relationship. Fortunately, the holiday comes around only once a year. From expensive to do-it-yourself, there are many romantic Valentine's Day gifts, however, that are sure to please.

Watch for Hints

Before picking out a Valentine's Day gift for her, start by listening to your partner to see whether she drops any hints, such as leaving out an ad for an upcoming concert, showing you a piece of jewelry she likes, or mentioning a new restaurant she wants to try. While she may not want you to come out and ask her, these hints may be helpful in selecting the right gift.

Luxury Items

If you're feeling like a high-priced Valentine's Day is in order, the following gifts are a great choice for your significant other: Jewelry: Whether it's diamond earrings, a ring in her (or your) birthstone, or a silver or gold bangle bracelet, these items are sure to please. Spa Day: If she loves a facial, massage, or manicure/pedicure, purchase a gift certificate or book a spa package. To make it even more romantic, book a couple's massage so you can enjoy the day together. Romantic Night Out: Make reservations at her favorite restaurant and have a bottle of champagne chilling at the table when you arrive. Next, purchase theater or concert tickets, then for when you return home, a gift-wrapped box with a selection from her favorite lingerie brand. Take a trip: For the ultimate in Valentine's Day gifts, spend it in Europe, at the beach, in wine country, or hitting the slopes.

Somewhere in the Middle

Part of what makes Valentine's Day gifts so romantic is the amount of thought you have put into the gift. Try these thoughtful and mid-priced presents. Create a DVD collection of her favorite chick flicks, then offer to watch them with her. Flowers are always a beautiful reminder of how much you care, but be sure to personalize them for maximize romance. Pick flower based on her favorite color or the same as those from the bouquet she carried at your wedding. Create a dance floor built for two. Order in a meal from her favorite restaurant while her favorite music plays in the background. After dinner, take her for a spin on your own personal "dance floor" while telling her how much you care.

Personal (and Cheap!)

You can never go wrong with a gift as long as it's from the heart. Consider these romantic gifts that show you care without draining your finances: Write her a poem or letter, sharing a special memory about when you first met or fell in love. Create a home-cooked meal with some of her favorite selections (don't forget the dessert!). Don't forget to light candles and dim the lights to set a romantic scene. Create your own spa night: Present her with a fluffy bathrobe and invite her into an at-home spa. Start by drawing her a bath filled with her favorite scent, then give her a back or foot massage.

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