Romantic Valentine's Games

Romantic games can add some entertainment to your Valentine's Day party. Some of these games involve couples getting close and expressing their romantic interests in each other through various degrees of physical contact. In other games, team members get to flirt with others while completing a given task.

Kissing Game

Teams of two are formed, made up of a married couple or an individual and his significant other. One member of the couple wears lipstick. This is usually the female, but for a twist, the male can wear lipstick. The organizer of the game rings a bell and runs a timer for 60 seconds. Teams compete to see how many times the team member wearing lipstick can kiss the other member on the cheek. After 60 seconds, the number of lip marks on the other player's cheek are counted. The team with the most kisses wins.

The Paper Dance GAme

In this game, each couple is given a piece of paper, usually at least 5 feet by 5 feet to start. Couples dance together for two minutes and must avoid stepping off the paper. A couple who steps off the paper is eliminated. Every two minutes the paper is folded in half and another two-minute dance begins. The last couple remaining is the winner. After about two or three folds of the paper, couples will have to dance very close together and get creative to keep all four feet from going off the paper. If a couples stop moving for more than 15 seconds, they are eliminated.

Merry Tailor

This is a game for two or more teams. Teams should be composed of at least six players. One player is chosen to be the tailor. That person is given a small wooden stick with a ball of string attached to it. The goal is for the tailor to connect each of his teammates. When connecting a male team member, the string must go up one pant leg and down the other. For connecting female team members, the string must go in one shirt sleeve and out the other. To avoid awkward situations, teams should be formed of players who know one another and are comfortable with the rules. Of course, it can be more interesting if the players are strangers.

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