A Romantic Way to Give Flowers

African man surprising wife with flowersAfrican man surprising wife with flowers

Few gestures show your love better than giving flowers, but you'll lose a few style points by simply standing in front of your girlfriend or spouse and thrusting a bouquet at her. Instead, add a spark of creativity to your relationship by giving her flowers in a romantic, unexpected way. Whether you're together or apart, your presentation method can make her as happy as seeing the blooms themselves.

Public Display of Affection

Getting flowers delivered to your wife or girlfriend's place of work sends a public message that she has someone important in her life. Visit a florist, pick out a bouquet you know your loved one will enjoy, and arrange for the flowers to be delivered at a certain day and time. She might blush in front of her coworkers, but she'll also appreciate others knowing just how valuable a relationship she has. Spice up the bouquet by adding a card with a sexy message for her to open at work.

Create a Surprise

Many women enjoy receiving an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day, your anniversary or her birthday for you to give her flowers. Instead, stop at a florist when you see one that appeals to you and pick up some flowers you know your loved one will appreciate. You don't have to buy an extensive bouquet; even a solitary rose or another flower she likes will effectively convey your message of love and caring. Surprise your wife or girlfriend at home, or place the flowers in a vase and leave them somewhere in the house that she won't immediately notice.

Add Words to the Bouquet

Complement your gift of flowers by including a series of love notes interspersed with the blooms. Take a handful of message cards from the florist and write a selection of notes; list the things you love about your wife or girlfriend, the cherished memories you've shared or your wishes for the future. Seal each card within its mini-envelope and slide it into the bouquet. As she unwraps the flowers, your messages will tumble out around her, inundating her with your love.

Flowers When You're Gone

Although it's romantic to actually present your girlfriend or spouse with flowers, you can let the romance sizzle by giving her flowers when you aren't around. If you're going on a business trip and know she'll be missing you, arrange for some flowers to arrive at her door an hour after you leave. When heading out for a weekend with the guys, lay a few roses across her pillow when she's not at home, and she'll discover them when she gets ready for bed and might be missing you the most.

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