Romantic Wedding Places

Some couples are satisfied to marry in the house of worship they attend, but others seek a romantic setting for their special day. Any place that has sentimental value can be an ideal spot or one that fits the couple's personalities.


Many couples cohabitate before marriage, so hosting the celebration at their home will make for fond memories.


A place off the beaten path is romantic if it's an interesting or beautiful setting such as the Seattle Aquarium, the Empire State Building or a cliff that overlooks a rushing river.

The Tropics

Destination weddings to such locations as the Caribbean, Fiji and Hawaii are all the rage because of their beautiful weather, water, beaches and sunsets.


If the setting lends itself well to the occasion, the place where the couple met, had their first date or agreed to get married is a perfect spot to exchange vows.


Places of great significance and beauty such as Niagara Falls in Canada, the Eiffel Tower in France or the Temple of Poseidon in Greece are a great backdrop for weddings.


Eloping makes any location where you decide to say "I do" a romantic one, whether you do it at midnight in Las Vegas or at noon in New York at City Hall.

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