Romantic Weekend Getaway Packages

Romantic weekend getaway packages can be found online or through travel agents.Romantic weekend getaway packages can be found online or through travel agents.

Finding or putting together romantic weekend getaway packages is much less difficult than it ever used to be. Not only can you book a quick romantic getaway through a traditional travel agent, but you can also find great packages at reasonable prices online, through hotels and even through your local discount shopping club.

Travel Agents

Travel agents are the traditional way to find romantic weekend getaways at all-inclusive resorts, hotels or even bed and breakfasts. Travel agents work one on one with you to provide exactly the getaway you have in mind, while helping you stay within a specified budget. Travel agents are often locally based, meaning that there is likely a travel agent's office near your home. But even distant agents can be helpful email or phone.


Online booking of romantic weekend getaways simply cuts out the middleman. With the online option, your weekend is booked by you through a resort or hotel, and you choose what activities you wish to be included among the nearby attractions. You can pay for the stay and the attractions with a credit card as soon as you have booked your reservations.

The online option allows you to personally customize exactly what you wish to do on your weekend by allowing you to not be bound to the packages offered by the resort or hotel. The downside is that this method requires more research on your part to learn about the local attractions where you will be staying. The upside is that you avoid the additional expense of paying for travel packages you aren't interested in.


Hotels often offer weekend getaway packages that include dinners, overnight accommodations and even sightseeing tours. These packages can be purchased upon registration at the hotel, but more often they are added onto your hotel bill at the conclusion of your stay. Hotels in major tourist areas perform these services particularly well, offering their guests hotel-guided excursions, romantic meals and even spa services.

Discount Shopping Clubs

Discount shopping clubs offer numerous weekend getaway packages through their cooperation with cruise lines and hotel chains. These packages are individually priced packages, generally all-inclusive, which can be purchased through the shopping club. The packages offered range from romantic weekend getaways to European excursions and are priced in every possible budget range. While these packages are not customizable without paying extra, there is a wide assortment of different packages available that can suit any taste.

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