How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Tennessee

Whether your idea of romance is cuddling in a cozy cabin overlooking the Smoky Mountains or canoodling in a world-class hotel suite after a day of city sightseeing, Tennessee is the perfect place for a lover's weekend getaway. Breathtaking natural scenery and plenty of history combine to make a Tennessee vacation perfect for sweethearts. Here's how to spend a romantic weekend in Tennessee.

Make a wish list of everything you want to explore during your weekend Tennessee vacation. You won't be able to get to everything in your list--especially if you want to leave time for leisurely breakfasts in bed--but before you set an itinerary, it's good to prioritize what attractions you want to hit.

Map out the attractions. If both Chattanooga and Nashville are on your list, and you're hoping to go hiking in the mountains as well as spend a day at the Elvis Presley attractions near Memphis, you must either extend your vacation or cut attractions from your list. Stick with tourist traps within a 60-minute drive of each other so that you won't spend the whole weekend on the Interstate.

Decide on lodging. Romantic options in the mountains and country include bed and breakfasts and cabins--or, if you prefer city swankiness to country coziness, choose the Peabody Hotel in Memphis or the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville and request a honeymoon suite. The Heartbreak Hotel is a no brainer for people who love Elvis as much as they love each other. Obviously, your vacation budget will have to play a role in your selection.

Pack the day with romantic activities. Wake up and order breakfast in bed. Next, head out for one of the touristy items on your itinerary--whether it's visiting Memphis' Pink Palance Museum or going hiking in Gatlinburg. Then have a picnic at a secluded spot--or return to the hotel for a siesta.

Stock your suitcase with negligees, massage lotion, candles and other intimate items bound to make your weekend Tennessee vacation an especially romantic one.

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