Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Winter is the time when the air is crisp and chilly, and images of a cozy fire and a hot drink are all that come to mind. The cold weather need not be a deterrent to having a romantic date with your loved one. All you need is a little imagination and your loved one to have a nice time together.

Build Your Own Snowman

If it snows where you stay, the best idea is to get out there and have snowball fights with each other. Let loose, go back to being a child, and have fun. You could also build a huge snowman and decorate him as you like. Better still, challenge each other to see who makes the biggest, funniest or cutest snowman. Do not forget to take pictures for the album.

Go Ice Skating

Ask your partner to go ice skating with you. Even if you do not have ice skates, you can still enjoy by running and sliding down the ice the way you did when you were kids. Only be sure the ice is thick enough to bear your weight. Moreover, don't forget to hold hands when you skate. This is a great dating idea for not only lovers, but also for married couples who want to get romantic in winter.

Beach Bonfire

If you live near a beach, then arrange to have your own beach party. Collect firewood, light a bonfire, and cozy up in front of it with your loved one. Do not forget to take warm quilts and some hot chocolate to heat things up. Check with the beach authorities if a bonfire is allowed at the beach before planning for one.

Chill Indoors

In case you feel too lazy and cold to go outside, you can still make it a memorable date for your loved one. Plan a gourmet dinner, find out what your partner likes to eat, and prepare a delicious dinner for her. Finish it off with a sumptuous dessert and hot chocolate. Cuddle yourselves in front of the TV and watch a movie together. Alternatively, you could play some soft music and invite your partner to dance with you.

Watch the Lights

There will be many places where people decorate and light up their streets and home in preparation for the holidays. Take your partner to check out these decorations and lights, and enjoy the time together strolling through the streets and watching the colorful displays. You can also check out themes to use to decorate your own home for the festival.

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