Romantic Winter Ideas

Use a few ideas to heat up a cold winter evening.Use a few ideas to heat up a cold winter evening.

You may be in search of planning that special date for your husband or boyfriend during the cold months, so he can keep you warm. Or, maybe you already have that special winter date planned and would like a few ideas on how to spice up the evening with a little playful flirting. The days may be cold but with a few tricks, the nights can be sizzling hot.

Outdoor Activities

Build a snowman together.

Throw on the boots, jackets and scarves and head outside for a little reminiscing. Relive your childhood by building a snowman together. Have a competition to see who can build the tallest snowman. Take a few pictures for your scrapbook.

While building the snowman, chase her with a few snowballs and when you catch her, have a playful romp in the snow.

Grab a couple of sleds and head to the nearest snow hill. Compete to see who is faster or who can do the most tricks. Make a bet; the loser gets a kiss. Use a longer sled and snuggle up behind him as you race down the hill.

If it's too cold and windy outside, grab your ice skates for a few hours of fun at an indoor rink. If you're not the best skater, it's the perfect time wrap your arms around his waist---for safety purposes only, of course.

Grab a blanket, a thermos filled with hot chocolate and spend a few hours at an observatory gazing up at the stars. Snuggle up together as you look up toward the sky. This is the perfect time to discuss your future together.

Indoor Activities

Make up your own rules for a board game.

If outdoors are not your thing and you prefer to stay indoors during the winter months, put in a DVD, pop some popcorn and enjoy a hot toddy in front of the television. Pick a steamy, romantic flick so he'll get the hint. Under a warm blanket, share one big bowl of popcorn to increase your chances for a little intimate contact.

Dust off a board game and have an old-fashioned night of fun. Pull out Twister or Monopoly and modernize the game by making it a little more risque. Make a few creative bets. Turn up the heat, strip down and play the board games in nothing more than undergarments. For more adventurous fun, play a board game designed for adults only.

Other Ideas

Head to the local karaoke bar and belt out a few of his favorite love songs.

Use your imagination and create a date around the things she enjoys most. If he's into singing, head to the nearest karaoke bar and belt out a few love tunes to him. If you have your own machine at home, sing a super sultry number he will never forget. Spend the cold evening in a warm kitchen and bake heart-shaped cookies to feed to each other later.

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