Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings can be as romantic as summer weddingsWinter weddings can be as romantic as summer weddings

Winter weddings can be every bit as romantic as the classic June wedding--if not more so. A winter wedding offers a unique opportunity to foster feelings of warmth and contentment among the guests through venue, décor, food and attire. Think white, sparkling and spare to turn a gray winter day into a dreamy wonderland.

Cozy Venue

Winter weddings are especially romantic in locations that offer a feeling of intimacy, warmth and coziness. Ski lodges, country inns, and old mansions are a few classic winter venues that may foster these feelings. Fireplaces can heighten the romance factor, so consider seeking venues that allow you to take your vows or have your reception in front of a crackling fire.

Ample Candles

Candles are essential to creating a romantic atmosphere. This is particularly true in wintertime as candles bring light and warmth to days that are often gray and cold. Consider having a candlelight ceremony, where each of your guests holds a lighted candle as the bride walks down the aisle. During the reception, use white and/or silvery candles in tall candelabras to decorate the room. Also think about using clusters of white candles in crystal holders for table centerpieces instead of flowers.

Winter Fare

Warm, wintery food and drinks can promote feelings of well-being and romance. Set up a hot chocolate, or hot apple cider, station for the guests to indulge in following the ceremony. For the meal, select a thick stew or bisque for the appetizers, and seasonal fare, such as turkey (with stuffing), mashed potatoes, and roasted squash for the main course. The Wedding Channel suggests shrinking the size of the portions when serving heavy winter fare, as such hearty, filling food could inhibit guests from dancing.

Wear Velvet

Velvet is a soft, warm fabric that breathes romance. Consider wearing a velvet wedding gown, velvet wrap or hooded cape. To bring home your romantic, winter theme, have tiny crystals scattered throughout the velvet to reflect the flickering, warm light of the candles.

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