How to Be More Romantic for Women

Romance can make your love life happier.Romance can make your love life happier.

Once you've been dating someone for a reasonably long time, it can start to feel like romance is fading. After all, you're getting comfortable and things aren't as fresh and exciting as they were when you were getting to know her. Romance is still important, though, for it makes your partner feel special, wanted and loved, all of which are conducive to a healthy, stress-free relationship.

Touch your partner in a non-sexual manner. By taking your wife or girlfriend's hand, touching her hair or guiding her through doors with your hand on the small of her back, you are showing her affection without it necessarily being related to sex. Touching that is purely affectionate lets women know, in a non-verbal manner, that you find them attractive and romantic.

Be unpredictable. Doing things like getting flowers or writing little notes is nice, but if you do them on a regular basis, such as every Wednesday or every time she's mad at you, you're not really being romantic. If, on the other hand, you catch her unaware, you will remind her how you feel about her when she was expecting to simply go about her daily routine.

Communicate with your partner. By telling her how you feel about things, you will be connecting with her emotionally by opening up to her. Giving her access to your deeper emotions is romantic, because it is a connection that you will likely not have with anyone else.

Take time to do things alone with your partner. Do activities that you only do with her in order to make a shared set of memories that you don't share with anyone else. This emotional exclusivity helps reaffirm how special she is to you.

Praise your partner in front of people. This is basically showing her off, highlighting her positive qualities in front of other people. By telling other people how you feel about her, you will be showing her that not only do you love her, but you also want other people to know it. Taking pride in her will, like other romantic activities, make her feel wanted and loved.

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  • Don't overdo it. As with everything else, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

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