Romantic Xmas Gifts

Gifts can be elaborate or simple as long as they come from your heart.Gifts can be elaborate or simple as long as they come from your heart.

Christmas provides a perfect opportunity for couples to express their love for each other with a romantic gift. Romantic gifts don't have to be expensive or elaborate to show your love. Gifts that show you took the time to consider your significant other's needs and interests, no matter how simple or inexpensive, are a romantic gesture that will be appreciated.

Romantic Getaway

Select a favorite destination and give your loved one a vacation at an exotic location or just as simple weekend away for a romantic Christmas gift. This gift can be given many ways. For example, buy an overnight bag and place tickets or a message inside with the details of the trip, or create a message in a bottle instead.


Jewelry always makes a romantic gift, but to make it special, personalize it. For her, give a heart-shaped pendant or locket with a picture of you inside. For him, give a watch with a romantic message engraved on the band or on the back of the watch. A ring containing a birthstone or your loved one's initial is an ideal romantic gift.


Gifts of beauty can be a romantic gesture for any partner. A day of pampering at a spa will be appreciated and remembered. Many spas offer packages that can be tailored to your partner's preferences. For her you might include a facial, manicure and pedicure and a massage and for him, a facial, massage and sauna. Another option is to fill a bag with your partner's favorite perfume, soaps and bath accessories for some at-home pampering.


Photo gifts are personal, letting you show your love by preserving special memories. Arrange a photo session as a couple or give your significant other romantic photos of yourself. Another option that is romantic is surprising your loved one with her photo painted onto a canvas.

Unique Ideas

For the loved one who has everything, try a romantic gift that shows you're thinking outside the box. Name a star after your partner; paying for the star naming gives you a certificate and charts showing the star's location. Monthly clubs that send a new gift each month are another romantic option that shows you put thought into your romantic gesture. Book clubs, music clubs, wine and dessert-of-the-month clubs are a few options for this romantic gift. If your significant other has always wanted to try a specific hobby like flying or dancing, then give a gift of lessons.

Homemade Gifts

Often the gifts that are most romantic are the ones you make yourself. Combine traditional gift giving with a little creativity. Make a website dedicated to your significant other and your life together, for example, or create love coupons that your partner can redeem year round for things like a romantic massage or breakfast in bed. Another option is to create a mixed CD of your loved one's favorite songs. You can also create an mp3 of favorite music instead.

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