How to Run a Dating Tips Column

If you find a local newspaper in need of a dating columnist, use your experience and contacts to create a regular read that will help singles enjoy casual dating or start a successful relationship. Use these ideas to keep your column lively and informative.

Sign a freelance contract with a newspaper that will cover your fee per column or word count. Try to retain the copyright and reprint rights to your written material as well as the right to market your work to other papers, magazines or websites. This could be important if your column becomes a hit with readers.

Devise a memorable column title that immediately lets readers know you're offering dating tips and dispensing advice on love and relationships. At the end of each column, give a contact email or mailing address where readers can submit topic ideas and questions for you to answer.

Use humorous anecdotes (like your own dates that went awry) to establish a rapport with your audience, but also offer solid information to create a trustworthy and reliable voice.

Present tips on topics like meeting new people, asking someone out, how to make a good first impression and what to do if you don't like your date. Although some columns give advice through first-person accounts, you can add Top 10 lists and step-by-step how-to pieces for a change of pace.

Invite experts like relationship counselors, professional matchmakers and founders of online dating websites to contribute their thoughts from time to time. Consider introducing a topic like "The Best Way to Bond on a First Date" and ask each expert to provide proven tips.

Review books, websites or local workshops that can help readers navigate the dating world or resolve differences in their relationships.

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