How to Run Emulators on a PS3 Without Linux

The Sony PS3 is a powerful video game system that plays games using its Blu-ray drive. The PS3 also makes use of a hard drive and USB storage expansion to play other software that can be run from the PS3. Emulators are programs that allow you to run other video game console's games from a computer or other electronic device. For example, you can run Super Nintendo games from the PS3 using an emulator. These emulators have been available to install on the PS3 since the PS3's release in 2006. However, you needed to first install Linux on the PS3's "Other OS" option. You can now install emulators on the PS3's game's OS using the install packages.

Step 1

Download an emulator install package that can be installed on a Sony PS3. Connect a USB hard drive device or memory stick to your computer.

Step 2

Copy the emulator installation package to the USB hard drive device. Remove the USB hard drive device from the computer.

Step 3

Start the Sony PS3 and insert the USB hard drive device into one of the PS3's USB inputs. Select the "Install PKG" option from the PS3's main menu.

Step 4

Select the emulator installation package from the next screen and the emulator will be installed onto the PS3. Select the emulator from the PS3's main menu to start it and play it using the PS3's hardware.

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Things You Will Need

  • PS3 emulator package
  • USB hard drive device or memory stick

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