The Internet is bringing people from all corners of the globe together, but with that comes the need for added caution and personal safety."/> The Internet is bringing people from all corners of the globe together, but with that comes the need for added caution and personal safety."/>

How to Be Safe with Internet Dating

The first dateThe first date

With today's technology more and more , people are making that special connection with someone online. The Internet is bringing people from all corners of the globe together, but with that comes the need for added caution and personal safety.

Choose a reputable On line dating agency with a proven track record. Take the time to do research on the companies, ask friends, read reviews. Online dating agencies take the hassle out of finding the right mate for you. Some require a monthly commitment and for that commitment, they will try find someone who is compatible with your personality.

You may choose to find someone yourself via many of the hundreds of online communities, or it may happen unexpectedly, a chance meeting and connection that will lead you to the start of a relationship. Caution in both of these situations are what is needed.

NEVER reveal personal information that could pinpoint where you are. A savvy person can track you down by just using a few clues that you may give. Perhaps a school that you went to, or an activity that is happening in your area. Until you are completely confident that this person is trustworthy, try to be as generic as possible with the details.

NEVER reveal your real full name and address on the first contact. If you want contact via the phone, it is better to use a prepaid phone as your point of contact. This cannot be traced to a specific address. Reverse number look ups on the web is free and very easily accessible to anyone. A prepaid cell will only provide the seeker with an area and the carrier, no other details are able to be provided.

Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into revealing any details that you are not comfortable with sharing. Explain your reason to the person who is asking, they should be understanding. Now that you have spent time getting to know each other, and you have both decided that you are ready for the next step, that first meeting.

ALWAYS meet in a public place or in a semi busy area. Perhaps a coffee shop or in Malls are some suggestions. Plan an activity that does not include being alone with this other person at this time. Do give all relevant details to someone who will be your contact person. That should include the place and time of the meeting, plus anything you know about the person you are to meet, for example, their name and where they are from, phone numbers.

If the arrangements change, then phone your contact person and let them know. Even if that is middle of the first meeting, explain to your date that you are just letting your contact person know. If your date is unhappy with you doing this, that is a sign that you should leave. No one should have issues with you taking steps to protect your safety.

Put in place a safe call. Have someone phone you at two intervals during the date. Use a signal, one that will alert the caller about your situation. One that I used to was very simple. "Oh hi, I have not heard from you in a long time, how is Aunt Mary, is she still well?" That was code for, I am in danger, get me out now. You can make your own code, something that is more fitting with your own preferences, try to make your danger code sound natural and not as if to draw any undue concern from your date.

Have someone who is prepared if you do not answer that call, or who is given the danger code ,to come to your rescue, and if need be take whatever steps they need to get you, if that includes physically breaking down a front door, then so be it.

Always remember place your safety first.

It may take several meetings in person for you to feel comfortable about not having to use all these safety measures. Trust your instincts.

There are many wonderful people on the Internet who are genuine and honest Sadly there are some who are not. The price you may pay if you are not careful, could well be to high.

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  • As a personal side note, I met my partner online over 6 years ago. I have since moved countries and we are together, dreams can come true.
  • You may have to
  • kiss a few frogs
  • to get your Prince or Princess, but it can happen.


  • Never compromise yourself or your safety for anyone.
  • Taking these steps is no different than wearing a seat belt in the car.

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