What to Say When Asking a Girl Out

Getting the courage up to ask out the girl of your dreams can be a challenge. It can be stressful when you’re afraid of hearing the word “no.” But, there are some ways to stay calm, focus on your girl and ask the question you want to ask.

Making the Approach

When you get ready to ask out your girl, you need to stay calm. If this means you have to take a couple of deep breaths before you approach her, then do it. According to www.chacha.com, the best way to approach a girl is with confidence. It is also important to make sure that the girl has some interest in you. If she isn’t interested to begin with, you aren’t likely to get a positive response, according to www.pick-up-woman.com.

What to Say

When you talk to your girl, don’t try to be something you aren’t. It’s important to start any relationship with honesty and either a girl will like you for yourself or she won’t. According to www.eharmony.com, it’s important to “listen to your gut” when you are communicating with someone with whom you are interested. You shouldn’t play games and should remember that actions speak louder than words.

If you are trying to have a relationship with someone, then lay it out on the line and be honest. When you are communicating with your girl, she will be watching your actions. If you push someone out of the way to get to her, she will see it. If you are in a club and are disrespectful to the bartender, this will not give your companion a good impression. How you treat those around you shows what kind of person you are.

So when you walk up to her, remember that you are presenting yourself as a package and she’s going to be taking everything into account.

What If?

Sometimes things go your way and she’s interested in you and has just been waiting for you to ask out. Or she may have seen you walking over and was dreading your approach. Either way, it is important to play the scene with class. If she says yes, try to refrain from jumping for joy. If she says no, don’t pout, sulk or show anger. This type of behavior won't get you dates with the other women nearby either. According to www.eharmony.com, it’s important to “know when to say game over.” This includes being able to walk away from a less than ideal situation and to keep yourself from getting “played.”

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