What to Say to a Girl on a First Date

Keeping the conversation flowing on a date is crucial to ensuring that a first date will lead to a second date. The goal of a first date is to get to know the girl and to find common areas of interest. Concentrating on several basic areas of her life should provide you with plenty of things to talk about and help you avoid awkward lulls in the conversation.

Your Connection

Discussing the details about the way you met can provide at least several minutes of conversation. Perhaps you met at her friend's party. Ask how she met the friend and explain your connection to the person. If you met the girl in a class, ask her how she handled a difficult assignment or if she plans to take other classes in the subject.

Her Background

The details of both of your lives can take a significant amount of time to explore and are usually a safe first-date conversation topic. Ask about her parents, grandparents and siblings and tell her about your family. If you and your date are still in school, find out her plans for the future. If you are both working, ask what she does for a living and how long she has been working in that job. Should your date seem uncomfortable talking about her family or job, let that topic drop and move on to another topic. AskMen.com recommends not bringing up ex-boyfriends or girlfriends on a first date. Your goal is to keep the conversation positive and focused on the present and future.


In addition to being a good conversation starter, asking about your date's interests can help you determine how much you have in common. Find out what food she likes, where she likes to vacation and what types of movies or television shows she likes. Ask follow-up questions so that she knows that you are really listening to her. Ask about her hobbies and special accomplishments. Find out if she has any pets. Discuss a current event that is in the news, but avoid bringing up potentially controversial subjects during a first date.

Maintaining a Balance

Achieving the right balance is important when you are speaking to your date. Resist the urge to talk too much about yourself. Make sure you give her ample opportunity to respond to your questions and ask you questions in return. While asking your date questions about her life is an important part of a first date, avoid asking rapid-fire questions that make her feel as if she is being interrogated by the police.

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