How to Say Goodbye to a Relationship

Ending a relationship is always hard.Ending a relationship is always hard.

Saying goodbye to a relationship is a difficult task and also a fact of life. Breakups may be painful, but they provide valuable lessons. They give us an opportunity to learn from mistakes and push us toward more rewarding relationships in the future. The act of breaking up with someone may be simple; however, we must deal with our emotions effectively to move on. There are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to say goodbye to a relationship and move on in a healthy manner.

Feel the emotions of the breakup. You must allow yourself to feel the anger and sadness to fully learn and move on after the breakup. Remember that these emotions are natural and necessary for you to feel so that you can eventually heal.

Express your understanding and forgiveness to your ex-love. Remember the love you had for your partner at the beginning of the relationship. Understand that it is fine to love someone and know that it is not meant to be for the long-run.

Ask yourself what problems you contributed to the failing relationship. Take responsibility for the things you did wrong, and do not place blame on the other person.

Release your feelings of guilt by forgiving yourself for the problems you created in the relationship. If you didn't contribute to most of the problems, you may feel guilty about breaking up with your partner. Forgive yourself to let go of the guilt.

Resolve any pain that you may be feeling. If you do not deal with the pain you are feeling now, it will prevent you from having fulfilling relationships in the future.

Write down your feelings in a journal when you become jealous of your ex. Jealousy may feel like a negative emotion, but it can also be used as a guide to figuring out our wants and needs.

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