How to Say (and Pronounce) I Love You in 10 Different Languages

The phrase "I Love You" is one of the most popular three word phrases in the English language
Say (and Pronounce) I Love You in 10 Different LanguagesSay (and Pronounce) I Love You in 10 Different Languages
Whether it's the first time or the thousandth time, saying I love you is a very special and meaningful thing. There may be times, however, when you want to do something extra special for your significant other, whether it is your anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine's Day. Why not try saying or writing I love you in a different language. Your sweetheart will feel loved even more knowing you made an effort to learn something new just for him/her. Below are ways to say "I love you" in ten different languages.

Step 1

Since French is the "language of love", we will start there. "I love you" in French is written and pronounced like this:

French: Je t'aime.

Pronounced: Zhuh tem.

The J in Je sounds like the g in mirage. T'aime (Tem) rhymes with them.

Step 2

Spanish: Te amo.

Pronounced: Tay ahm-oh.

Te amo is the more romantic version, as opposed to the more common Te quiero.

Step 3

Italian : Ti amo.

Pronounced: Tee-ah-mo.

This sounds very similar to Spanish.

Step 4

German : Ich liebe Dich.

Pronounced: Ish leeba dish or Ick leeba dick.

The Germans pronounce this differently in different parts of the country

Step 5

Swedish: Jag älskar dig.

Pronounced: Ya ellscar dey.

Step 6

Russian : Ya lyublyu tebya.

Pronounced: Ya loobloo tebya.

Speaking Russian can be a little tricky for native English speakers.

Step 7

Chinese (Mandarin) - Wo ài ni.

Pronunciation: Wuh eye nee.

The tones are very important when speaking Mandarin Chinese which has four pitched tones and a "toneless" tone. Different tones convey different meanings. Wo or "wuh" - the tone falls then rises, ài or "eye" - the tone falls and ni or "nee" - the tone falls then rises.

Step 8

Irish Gaelic: Tá grá agam ort.

Pronounced: Taw graw o-gum urt.

Taw and Graw rhyme with law. The O in O-gum is short as in "not" and Urt rhymes with hurt.

Step 9

Greek : S' ayapo (It is spoken as s' agapo. The third letter is the lower case gamma).

Pronounced: sag-app-oh.

Step 10

I couldn't resist adding this one for all of the "Lord of The Rings" lovers (including myself). This is how you say "I love you" in Elvish.

Elvish: Melin le.

Pronounced: MEL-in leh.


  • I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert in any of the above languages. I'm just someone who likes to learn new things. Please use this information for fun, entertainment purposes.
  • Many languages have several different ways to say I love you. I have chosen the most common or the one most related to romantic love when possible.

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