What to Say to a Woman You Love

If you dearly love a woman in your life, you can say things to her to express that love. For many men, it is difficult for them to "verbalize" their love, yet they don't have a problem "acting out" their love by giving lots of gifts, back rubs and massages. Although acting out your love is a great external gesture, many times the woman is looking for your spoken words that come from within your heart.

"I Love You"

If you are like many men, you may love the woman you are with, yet because of your male personality, you find it difficult to say, "I love you." Perhaps this is due to your upbringing. Maybe you never had anyone express love to you. Maybe you grew up in a home where your mother and father loved one another, but never said those three words. Because your woman tends to be an emotional being, you can give her all of the candy and flowers in the world, but it will not mean as much as hearing those three words coming forth from your heart and through your lips. By letting her hear those words, it can launch your relationship to an entirely different level. Those three words will give her confirmation that her love is being returned and can possibly let her know that her heart is safe with you.

"I'm Sorry"

Just because you love a woman does not mean you won't have arguments or "heated fellowship." When the two of your have heated fellowship, it can be easy for you to remain upset. After all, she was wrong, and you were right. That may or may not be true. However, one thing that is true is that life is too short to spend it being angry with someone that you love. Every moment you spend being angry or upset takes away from moments that could be spent enjoying one another's company and presence. Because tomorrow is not promised, you have to treat every day as if it is your last. Think about it. If you knew that your lady friend would no longer be on the face of the planet in 24 hours, it would be easy to throw in the towel and let bygones be bygones. Promote unity between the two of you by learning how to say "I'm sorry." Say it even when you know you were right and she was wrong. It's called taking the "high road" for the sake of bringing peace and harmony into the relationship. And when you tell her that you are sorry, say it sincerely. If the apology does not come from a sincere heart, it will accomplish nothing.

"Let's Talk About It"

Talking is one of the things that women do best. If there is something that she wants to talk to you about, she is likely to let you know. It's in her nature to be a talker. However, as a man, you might tend to be more reserved. Sometimes men will avoid talking about important matters with the women they love. Talking about problems that you are facing or feelings that you are having does not make you any less "macho." Instead, it will show the woman that you care about the relationship enough to talk about matters that are important to you. Talk to her about things that you are feeling emotionally. By opening up to her, you might be surprised at the insight that she can give. If you don't need insight, just tell her that you need to borrow her ears to listen to you express your thoughts and feelings. Having a listening ear can be therapeutic for you and therapeutic for the woman because it makes her feel as if she is needed.

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